Appearance counts, particularly in business!

The vital importance of your personal appearance is underestimated because conventions appear to have relaxed. However, it is the first impression that counts, be it in your everyday business dealings or your private life. Only then do criteria such as skills, capabilities, talent and loyalty follow.

The same applies now as it did more than 300 years ago:
„Don’t walk about with a loose belt and in a slovenly manner, since a rumpled suit is a sure sign of a limp spirit, …“

Miguel de Cervantes „Don Quijote“, 1694

Question to decision makers:
Does the appearance of your employees reflect the company image, products and services in an effective way? Are your employees aware of the repercussions of their outer appearance and therefore the effect thereof on the success of the company in the broader sense?

The proposal:
Spencer ten Brink is available for booking for talks and workshops within your company or at external events. He will make your employees aware of the important topic of appearance in an entertaining and lively way that is easy to understand and with descriptive presentation material.

The benefits:
The employees will be provided with stimuli regarding the importance of appearance in everyday business dealings, together with the requisite know-how that can be implemented in order to successfully achieve adequate style and develop taste. Having an enhanced sense of stylish appearance allows you to radiate confident professionalism, which is the stepping stone to business success.

The main contents

“Appearance as a success factor” clarifies
• the importance of appearance for business success
• the timeless attributes of dress style and taste

“Dressing with a confident style” explains
• the practical set-up of style combinations for professional life
• the principles and approaches for developing your personal style

“Making the right wardrobe and care product purchases” reveals
• the pitfalls of typical purchasing habits
• expert tips for purchasing in digital and analogue consumer worlds

The talk subjects can be booked individually or combined into a longer talk If required, the topics can be adapted or dealt with in greater depth in a workshop. Duration and location to be agreed.

More information about the proposal is available on request. Please contact us using the contact form or call on +49-176-20081203.